Vibiemme Domobar Super Espresso Machine

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Vibiemme Domobar Super Espresso Machine

Introducing the all new Super series of espresso machines by VBM. Constructed from premium metals and packed with features.

Additionally, all three models can operate using a water tank/reservoir or direct plumbing to a water line. Included with any of the three espresso machines is a stainless steel braided hose to plumb the machine into the water line.

VBM has the most robust E61 grouphead in the industry! Customers who see E61 espresso machines in person tend to gravitate towards the VBM’s due to its robustness and structure.


Starting with the VBM Domobar Super Analogic, which got a new upgrade to the previous VBM Domobar Super HX model! Now has LED lights that appear on the interface when there is a low water level in the tank. Additionally, unlike the previous VBM Domobar Super HX that has a vibratory pump, this new version has a rotary vane pump, which makes the espresso machine much quieter in use.

The VBM Domobar Super Analogic is equipped with a quiet rotary pump. Rotary pumps are necessary for direct connect capable machines since vibration pumps cannot handle the incoming water pressure. The main benefit that you will experience is that they are a lot quieter. 

The boiler is copper, which retains heat better than stainless steel. Typically copper boilers are more susceptible to limescale when you compare to stainless steel boilers. Therefore, we highly recommend using a water softener. The manufacturer wraps the boiler with insulation for maximum heat retention.

Digital & Electronic

Both the VBM Domobar Super Digital and Electronic models now have pressure profiling, so customers are able to control the brew pressure (flow of water). It also has a new digital touch display to use the pressure profiling as well as other settings.

The VBM Domobar Super Digital and Electronic models are equipped with a dual boiler system. The dual boiler system has a copper boiler for espresso extraction and a copper steam/hot water boiler. Optimal size copper boiler of 0.5-liter capacity. This smaller boiler size allows for quicker displacement of stale water. Larger coffee boilers for machines in this class have more difficulty. Boiler temperature is controlled by PID. Large capacity steam boiler of 2 liters. Boiler and temperature controlled by PID. Pull a shot & steam milk at the same time, as steam is always readily available. Hence, there is no wait time going from coffee to steam mode. Works well if entertaining a small group of people.

The Digital models feature manual operation instead of electronic operation through the digital display. For example, starting the machine up as well as preparing coffee involve manually lifting the lever instead of selecting icons, although the settings being changed will appear on the digital display. The Electronic model has additional electronic programs within the upgraded 3.5″ digital display! Allowing the user to adjust the brewing times for single short or long coffee and for two short or long coffees.

Vibiemme Domobar Super Espresso Machine features

  • Wattage (watts) - 1800
  • Voltage (volts) - 110-120
  • Accessories Included: Instruction manual – Available in Spanish, Dutch, English, French, and Italian.
  • Plastic tamper – Manufacturers will normally include a tamper like this to keep the overall selling price of the machine low. We recommend upgrading to a better 58mm tamper.
  • Coffee scoop – A simple plastic scoop if you are using pre-ground coffee.
  • Cleaning brush –A simple brush for cleaning the grouphead. Ergonomically designed with an angle for easier usage.
  • Single filter holder – Holds approximately 7 grams.
  • Blind filter basket – For back flushing. 58mm in diameter.
  • Double filter holder – Holds approximately 14 grams.
  • Stainless steel braided hose – For the option to direct plumb in your espresso machine.
  • Steam Wand and Hot Water Wand: Multi-directional – Allows for more movement and flexibility. The wands connect to the valves on an angle to the side for even more flexibility. As a result, there is less risk of burning oneself from the exposed grouphead. Furthermore, the steam performance is very efficient, which will result in making excellent espresso!
  • 2-hole steam tip – Allows for a slow gradual build-up of microfoam.
  • Rotational knobs – Allows for easier control of the intensity.
  • Synthetic drip tray – The drip tray on this espresso machine is glowing! Less risk of scratches on this material, unlike on metal drip trays. Additionally, the drip tray has a float that tracks the water levels.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Ergonomic knobs and levers – Contributes to accurate water dispersion and adds some personality to the VBM Domobar Super!
  • Front and feet – Stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.
  • True VBM E61 – A thermosiphonic circulation 58mm grouphead in chromed brass. Has a manual lever to the right for coffee dispensing.
  • Constantly heated – Hot water circulates from the heat exchanger through the grouphead and back to keep the grouphead and your portafilter nice and hot. As a result the grouphead temperature constant and stable when you compare to other groupheads that have a built-in heating element.
  • Pre-infusion – Lever next to the grouphead activates a microswitch that turns on the pump to pump water through the coffee grinds. Pulling the lever halfway up will open the valve to allow water into the grouphead without activating the pump. Please note that true pre-infusion requires the direct water connection whereby the water pressure from the waterline creates true pre-infusion.

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    Height 16.75 inches
    Width 10.5 inches
    Length 18.5 inches
    Weight 75 pounds

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