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Lelit MaraX v2 Black

It’s been a month using MaraX and I’m very pleased with it and the espresso that I’m able to produce. IMO it’s very aesthetically pleasing, love the black body with the maple wood, looking beautiful in my kitchen! I knew that it lacked in its feet, poorly designed and just tiny rubbery feet aren’t worthy of the overall machine and also for the price. So I’m fixing that by getting maple wood feet custom made (Etsy) so hopefully that will correct the problem also with moving the machine around. Lelit should definitely correct that moving forward maybe for v3 I guess. I come from a Breville Barista Express so this machine feels way more “premium or commercial”. Love the maple wood pf and the tactile experience with the steam and water knobs and lever. The features selecting preset brew temperatures for different roast types and the coffee/steam priority all work wonderful and it makes a very simple machine that it’s super easy to use a more capable and adjustable interface. One complaint right out of the box is the fact that Lelit didn’t add an exposed adjustment for the OPV to bring the brew pressure down to 9 bars or lower. Know that this machine comes from factory set at 10 bars. It makes zero sense why they’d do that. You have to unscrew several screws and open the top casing to adjust the brew pressure. This should be done by Lelit factory set to the industry standard of 9 bars. Ok back to positive- it comes with an awesome tamper - this is a true solid and beautiful tamper. Also it comes with IMS filter baskets- they seem pretty legit precision baskets, single, double and triple. Sad they don’t include a bottomless pf like they do with the Bianca…Anyways all you need is a good WDT and use the Lelit tamper and you’ll be on your way to make great espresso. Of course you need a good grinder. I paired it with Niche Zero and I’m enjoying amazing espresso. The steaming power is a bit weak when set to coffee mode but still way better than what I was used to with Breville. However when set to steam mode it’s really good. Overall steaming is good for my needs. I don’t need a super end game machine like the bigger Bianca so Mara meets my needs and I find it beautiful! Overall I recommend it and I’d probably buy it again knowing what I know now.

Eureka Atom Coffee Grinder
Robert Blackshear MD
Eureka Atom 75

Excellent grinder. Glad I picked the 75 over the 65. Works well with my Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine. I did modify a Eureka Mignon single dose hopper to work with the Eureka 75. Works great with very little retention.

Lelit Elizabeth V3 is fantastic!

I was concerned upon receipt of the Lelit Elizabeth as the inner box (not the outer box) showed water damage and in fact was still wet. There was some minor moisture within the machine's drip dray, but otherwise the machine looked unharmed. I have been using the machine for exactly one week as of this writing, and I'm happy to say that not only was it apparently undamaged, but it's fantastic for espresso and steaming. Immediately upped my latte art (here coming from a Crossland CC-1). Very satisfied and would highly recommend this machine.

Lelit Fred Coffee Grinder
Robert Needleman
Decent grinder, no frills

Purchased this grinder with a Lelit PID espresso machine. Dialing in the grind took a few tries but fairly easy to do with the built in control. On/off switch on the side is a nice convenient feature. Only criticism is the plastic top that covers the bean holder tends to get tight and somewhat hard to remove with one hand.

Lelit PID - Nice espresso machine with PID and brewhead pressure gauge

Very nice machine and have been able to dial in my grind with the aid of the brewhead pressure gauge. The PID feature keeps temperature very stable. Good value and hopefully will be reliable for years to come.

Fast shipping and great product. Highly recommended

Victoria is being returned

The Victoria is on its way back . I am considering another machine. The Rocket sale is very tempting!

La Pavoni Millennium Portafilter

My Victoria has been pulling great shots but unfortunately it has not been able to get to steam temp the last two weeks. Very frustrating for a new purchase. I was wavering between a Lelit and Rancilio and at this point I wish I would have gone with the Silva. I am working through the issue with Lelit and will revise accordingly if needed.

Great product

I was skeptical about the force tamper because of the price but after receiving it and using it the first time I will say that it really makes the workflow much more efficient and it causes no pain to my hands. Very consistent from puck to puck. If you are on the skeptical side because of the price I would say go for it, you won’t regret it

Lelit Anna PL41TEM

The machine is extremely nice, very high quality
workmanship. However it does require a user/barista learn how to use it with different types of ground espresso beans. I am still at second week of the learning curve, and I love it. The machine is very responsive and functioning as expected. Thank you.

Lelit Bianca V3

Thanks to the Cosimo team for the great service and speedy delivery. The machine is beautiful and works great. It's a great machine that allows me to have significant control throughout the process. I highly recommend this to any espresso enthusiast.

Took 3 months to receive the grinder. My customer didn’t want it anymore.
He already bought another
Brand. And I still have the grinder in my storage.
Maybe next time I get a better service

Hi Shahriar,

Unfortunately, we have very little control over the supply chain. Mazzer products have been heavily backordered this year (2022) and a 2-3 week pre-order process can easily turn into a 2-3 month process due to continuous delays from Italy.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please email

Lelit Elizabeth

This is a fantastic machine. I love the stainless look and 58mm grouphead. I found it easy to use as a novice and the dual boiler is very useful in my household, since there is no delay between brewing and steaming milk. I came across concerns about filling this machine due to small tank opening, but I use a kitchen funnel and it's fast easier than removing the tank, no issues at all. Lastly, the pressure gauge and PID are great.

Mahlkonig X54 Burr Grinder

This is a versatile burr grinder. I use it daily for drip, espresso, and aeropress brewing and find it easy to change grind settings. I find the swappable front panel convenient to change between dosing cup and portafilter without the use of tools or screws. The machine has a robust construction. The hopper is a great size with a well fitting lid. Clearly, a great design. This is certainly a German-designed machine but the sticker underneath says made in china, which I can't say is a plus.

Excellent machine

Absolutely amazing machine. Very consistent with the espresso shots and the milk is done to perfection every time. And very elegant as well. All around I’m very satisfied with this beautiful piece.

Sublime Espresso Machine

The LeLit Anna consistently outperforms my previous espresso machine (Ascaso Duo). Love the compact dimensions, the boiler and steamer run beautifully efficiently taking little time. I was a little skeptical initially with the low pressure but have been blown away by the results, consistently great crema and a silky surface to the espresso. After a couple of months pulling 5-6 espresso's daily it's been flawless thus far. The water tank is a great size, rudimentary yet effective. I use the steamer without the outer sheath and the results (with the right milk) are fine however if coffee art is your thing, you may want something a little more. Have to say I really enjoy this espresso machine. Service from Comiso was also exceptional.

Lelit Coffee Slide Spout Portafilter

Steam wand isn’t ideal

This is a beautiful machine, but the steam wand is stationary and makes it rather hard to steam milk and get good consistency. Great shots of espresso, so far, the levers are sturdy and really make it a fun little machine.

Solid Single Boiler

I bought this machine from Cosimo, and it's been a nice upgrade from my previous Breville DuoTemp. The group heats up nicely and quick enough, steam and water are strong, and the PID temp control makes it a little more tuneable for extraction. This is my first 58mm machine as well. I'm very happy with this machine and the espresso it produces at its price point in the current US espresso machine market. The finish is also quite nice.

The reservoir could have been better engineered for making it easier to see the water level and to fill the tank, and they should have included a blind portafilter basket for backflushing. Note that water softeners are recommended in the manual but not included. It would be nice if the group were higher from the drip tray, but I can get a scale and cup under it if I use a bottomless portafilter (not included).

Lelit Anna Pid

Awesome and well built machine. Use it to pull 2-5 shots a day. Makes for a beautiful counter piece. Excellent delivery.

Great Starter Machine

good machine decently sturdy,would like it to have a little more weight to it but is very good all round

Beats my expectations

Did quite a bit of research after my old Krups lost its boiler seal. After quite a bit of comparing, I found this one to be what I would purchase. Industry standard 58mm portafilter, good steam control and an excellent finish. Took me three pulls with adjustments to my grinder to get a great cup! Bought a bottomless portafilter in order to assist in getting it right. Bottomless has a great capacity. I have absolutely no regrets about with my purchase. It was a couple of more bucks than I initially planned on spending, but the features fully justified the extra expenditure.

Quick Mill Silvano Evo Espresso Machine

Coffee Knock Box
Peter Chu

Coffee Knock Box


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