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Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine

Easy to clean triple basket fits with Ascaso steel duo PID

Great machine

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

Lelit Bianca

The Bianca is great. Premium materials, fast heating times, and consistent results. The only issue I have seen so far is that the steam knob has come off twice and it seems that the glue that holds it in place has failed and the pin that locks it in some times comes loose and slips out enough that the knob spins freely. The solution is simple, I have been able to push the pin back in but worry that it might slip out again. I think once I figure out what type of glue to use it will be fixed permanently.

Great, solid machine in a small package!

This is a solid HX machine at a very competitive price point.
Lots of power-- back-to-back lattes are no problem with the MaraX.
Great features-- temperature and brew priorities you don't see in other machines at this range.
Looks great!

Best coffee I've had in a loong time

Truly fresh and tastes remarkable. Wakes me up really well in the morning!!

Awesome customer service and Products

Great Customer Service and after sale help. Both the new Rancilio Silva and Eureka Mignon XL are performing as expected1. Fab!!


Awesome stuff

Makes the best espressos to date in my Microcasa Semiautomatica!

Everything was right except..

As far as overall experience ranging from performance, style, and design I would say the Strega met and even exceeded my expectations, my only gripe is that it was derived to me with a dent right on the face, which had nothing to do with delivery, the machine comes in a box within a box with 2 layers of padding and the boxes were intact, so its kinda weird, and it put a damper on the whole thing.

Lelit Anna PL41TEM is the best

bought this machine after wanting to dump a Nespresso machine that we've had for 10 years (yes 10 years). What a waste of 10 years. As someone who loves Espresso but does not want to go down the rabbit hole of double boilers, beautiful machines, exact timed shot, etc but just wants a good espresso machine that looks good and keeps giving consistent coffee day in and day out then this is the machine for you! Can't recommend it enough!

Isomac MPI Coffee Grinder
Jeffrey Cortazzo
not impressed

very noisy and gets bound up easily. Also, frictional retention is a problem. I should have just bought the bezzera.

So far so good

This is for the Rancilio Silvia Pro X
I upgraded to this machine after 10 years pulling shots every day on my gently modded Gaggia Classic. The dual pid dual boiler set up is great. No more temp surfing, and truly excellent steam pressure and pro quality steam wand have immediately enhanced my mourning routine. Gripes so far: hot water from the steam boiler produces about 2-3 oz before sputtering a mix of steam and water out of the spout. This means making a 6-8 oz americano (total volume) requires letting the steam boiler refill and reheat. Not a very big deal but I was hoping for enough on-demand hot water to make a cup of tea/americano more easily. Drip tray is small as everyone has pointed out. The group head flush function is great (hold down brew button for a few seconds to rinse group head) but it only runs ~1.5oz through and doesn’t appear to be adjustable, so I find it takes a couple of flushes for the water to run clear after pulling a shot, at which point you might as well hit the brew button and run a phantom shot. Last complaint is that the machine has an auto wake-up setting but you have to set it every night. A bit lame. Small complaints.

Shots have been very good, but I do need to upgrade to a stepless grinder. My Gaggia MDF is too fine on #1 and too course on #2. Looking to pull the trigger on a new one soon and move my whole Gaggia setup to my office.

Overall very impressive build quality and the dual pid takes so much variability out of the process that shots are much more consistent and off flavors from overheating are non existent. The variable soft infusion is a nice feature, and in general I really like the simple function menu and features. I’m very happy with the purchase and am confident when I have it fully dialed in the shots will be far superior to the already very good shots I had learned to pull on the Gaggia. It feels like this machine is capable of pulling shots across a range of roasts and origins where the Gaggia was best in the more traditional dark espresso roasts. We’ll done Rancilio, thank you for the dual pid dual boiler in the classic package at a reasonable price.

Love this purchase!6

I adore my new Lelit expresso machine. The coffee is fabulous and the steamer works better than other reviews led me to believe. It’s a solid machine and the size is perfect for my tiny kitchen!

Fiorenzato all ground grinder

The grinding is great and the machine is easy to use and clean. One fault is it leaves static residue on the metal piece under the chute. The manufacture should have included a tray to collect the grind debris. Otherwise, great grinder.

LELIT ANNA learning curve

This Lelit Anna replaced my Rancilio Silvia that I ran daily for the last 18 years, (bought it used so it was 20+ years old), The Anna is a machine that I am still learning to use. It is a more precise machine than my old battle tank Silvia. Ms. Silvia knocked out 2 doubles every morning like clockwork, 6-minute warmup, flawless steaming. Anna takes longer to heat up, but it’s on a timer so that is not an issue. The PID on the Anna is great! Anna’s a nicer looking machine and easier to fill and clean. Pressure is somewhat disappointing. Regardless of grind or blend, extraction is steady at 8.5 bars. Mostly the gauge just signals the true start of extraction, and then it’s a matter of watching the pull develop. Steaming milk takes longer, getting to the right texture and then throttle back to the final temperature. Just for laughs, I tried a finer grind and used the pod filter for a 16g double shot. This produced the best crema I’ve had to date. I’m thinking of getting a bottomless portafilter to explore this further. Do get a steel 57mm tamper or similar as leveling and light tamping is inconsistent with the plastic tamp included with the Anna. Unlike the Silvia, you can't consistently get the right distribution and tamp from locking tightness against the diffuser screen.
So, in summary, I’m not there yet, but I’m certain that when I get the hang of the Anna and the other accessories, it will not fail to satisfy me. I would definitely recommend this machine, and be patient with it.

Lelit Anna espresso machine PID

I’ve been grinding and brewing my own coffee since I was 16 I’m 61 years old in 1992 I started Drinkin Americanos. Then I got into making my own espressos self-taught barista. I’ve had every kind of espresso machine you can think of.With all of these home versions espresso makers they’re always hit and miss with you have a PID and able to measure the pressure of the pump. You can get more accurate but all of these home espresso machines are about the same right now I have my la Pavani Rancilio Sylvia and lilet Anna side by side and even though I like my la pavoni best I believe the lelit anna with the pid and Brew pressure gauge is the best bang for the Buck. I would definitely purchase another one if this one was unable to be repaired but I’m pretty happy with my purchase

Lelit William Coffee Grinder
Randall Achterberg

So far it is performing well with consistent results

LeLit Portafilter

The order was filled and delivered quickly. The bottomless portafilter was a perfect fit.

Best Value

Best value single boiler out there. Comiso took great care of me, very happy. Life is better with a home espresso bar!

The espresso machine is amazing! Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it works so well and gives us wonderful manual control.

Great machine, easy to use

Getting great results with light roasts


Bought brand new, everything but the hot water worked as expected.

Comiso quickly addressed the issue with the gasket and shipped another one, however.

Works Great

It's a knock box, not much to say here. Arrived in good condition and works well.

This machine replaced a Silvia. The steaming capability is amazing. I had five guests for coffee on the patio. All wanted milk drinks and it was absolutely able to keep up with the demand. The ability to schedule routine maintenance is awesome and the timer for startup is very convenient. The only drawback I have been able to discover is the touch screen never goes dark, even when the machine is asleep. The build quality is phenomenal. The frame should never corrode as it is all stainless. Additionally, while the group is not heated the boilers come to temp in eight minutes. The PIDs are amazing also. Although, I do not appreciate the lighting, I recommend the duo over the matrix.


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