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LeLit Portafilter

The order was filled and delivered quickly. The bottomless portafilter was a perfect fit.

Best Value

Best value single boiler out there. Comiso took great care of me, very happy. Life is better with a home espresso bar!

The espresso machine is amazing! Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it works so well and gives us wonderful manual control.

Great machine, easy to use

Getting great results with light roasts


Bought brand new, everything but the hot water worked as expected.

Comiso quickly addressed the issue with the gasket and shipped another one, however.

Airscape Ceramic Coffee Canister

Works Great

It's a knock box, not much to say here. Arrived in good condition and works well.

This machine replaced a Silvia. The steaming capability is amazing. I had five guests for coffee on the patio. All wanted milk drinks and it was absolutely able to keep up with the demand. The ability to schedule routine maintenance is awesome and the timer for startup is very convenient. The only drawback I have been able to discover is the touch screen never goes dark, even when the machine is asleep. The build quality is phenomenal. The frame should never corrode as it is all stainless. Additionally, while the group is not heated the boilers come to temp in eight minutes. The PIDs are amazing also. Although, I do not appreciate the lighting, I recommend the duo over the matrix.

Love it….

Plenty of options for programming, straight forward setup. Took me a while to dial in the first time around, but this machine has worked like a charm.
Included tamper is pretty bad and will need to be replaced. Can’t fault the machine itself.

Lelit Cups & Saucers
Georgia Heisterkamp
Absolutely Love These

I absolutely love these Lelit espresso cups with the pic of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. The cups are high quality and are made in Italy. The arrived well packed.

Love this

works GREAT! knocked off a star only because it can get a little messy. but seriously a great grinder. looks very sleek too.

Awesome grinder! Pairs well with Lelit espresso machine.

Wonderful Espresso Maker

As stated before this is a fine made and functionally designed highest quality machine that will make excellent espresso for you. You control the variables for the coffee, weight/grind, and even the compression from constants provided w/o lots of complex electronics being involved. If you don't want to be involved and just press some button (and you can understand the series of instructions necessary) that's fine and get something else and an excellent extended warranty.
This firm has the finest of help and satisfaction possible as well. After having made thousands of cups of fine espresso using many coffees with this copper//brass model before this's recommended to you per years of experience with machines and grinders. Just ask Nick!

Lelit Anna Espresso Machine

The Beast --in a good way

This home machine is built to lifetime standards, heavy, robust, competent. Although it has no built in grinder, and the portafilter unit gets far too hat to handle. It's a good looking machine; reminder of being in a small steam locomotive. Unfortunately, it takes almost 15 minutes to heat up and produce espresso.
The espresso product is like all good espresso machines, dependent on fresh grinds, the correct fineness, and "packing" that is just right. Its a very handsome addition to one's kitchen shelf. Is it worth $2000???---That depends entirely on your personal budget and enjoyment of a bit of institutional art.

So far so good!

Got the MaraX around 20 days ago, have loved every bit of it so far. My power cord came scuffed, so I contacted Comiso and they sent me a replacement right away.

* Takes up little space on the counter
* Easy to operate
* Is much more consistent than my old machine.
* Takes 20 minutes to heat up, so I had to buy a smart plug for it.
* HEAVY. Not a big deal, but I had to reposition it once and it was not easy.
* Has a pipe under the grouphead that flushes out water when you close the lever. That sometimes splashes hot water onto my scale if I don't place it properly

Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder
Bob Martin Del Campo
Very accurate

Grind size is very consistent, machine is easy to operate.

Incredible espresso

The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the arm is very wiggly and at this price point, there should be no plastic whatsoever on the machine. The inlay of the tray is made from plastic and while nit picky it bothers me. The instructions aren’t very good, but comiso has EXCELLENT a service. I mean they answer the phone and they help you. It’s incredible. The machine itself if beautiful and produces the most flavorful and frothy espresso.


Had many grinders, blade to various grinder types/makes/models. Then the Vario went out after a few years and did not repeat buy it. We have found THIS grinder to be the most precise and exacting grinder you can imagine. Assessibility to clean, functions, settings, and all things considered....making thousands of cups (> w/ Pavoni) over 40 years....I recommend this model from this vendor for sure. Of course it's noisy, messy (not really!), and takes it's time....cause it works!

Worth it!

So much better than a super automatic . . Huge boiler, fill it up and it last for a week. 1000 on the power, takes about 10 mins to heat up, but you can leave it on all day if you are like me and drink cup after cup. Use to have a machine that’s sold here for 3k, this little guy actually makes a better cup of coffee. You have more control with the lever and piston, you can really pull out the espresso the way you like, unlike the more expensive machines that over pressurize, couldn’t be happy, I start my morning with a Jura because it’s ready right away, but never look forward to what comes out. This little guy gets me excited every time, it’s a big step up in quality.

Fiamma Caravel + La Pavoni ZIP Junior

Awesome espresso machine and very heavy duty looking. Coffee come out excellent. Very good costumer service.

Wonderful and Durable Espresso Maker

We had this copper/brasss machine and made thousands of excellent cups of espresso. When it was with problems, I repaired it completely with piston, gaskets, seals, and all you imagine is inside! Finally going out in a few more cups (ho ho, a few?) we got the chrome machine and it was just not as good overall, probably the boiler components/metal? Tried 2 Brevilles, a Musica (bad news) and now will get another of this model in copper/brass. It allows control and feedback with any blending you want to do, is fun to use, no electronics to go &^%$^&*$$$...even (did you know?) you can if you dare even adjust the thermostat for temperature? Pressure gage is accurate and another indicator...what else could you want? Someone to pull the shot??!! Go for it!
This firm is EXCELLENT and can be elsewhere at your own risk but take a stove-top moka cheapie for the interim!! Dave.

Lelit Fred Coffee Grinder

Smooth operation

I shopped for a new espresso machine for quite a while. The PID model has everything I wanted, and its price was quite good. It has all the features I want, and nothing I would consider a waste of money.
The 57mm basket has not been a problem for me. It is very well built, and I expect that it will last for many years.

Lelit Anna Espresso Machine


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