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Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine
Jermaine (California)
Solid piece and great service!

A great buy for beginners, a solid machine. Great service from Nick and super fast shipping! We’ll definitely come back here for an upgrade later on.

Outstanding Machine (But Takes Practice)

This is my first manual espresso machine after starting with a cheap full auto and later upgrading to a semi-auto BES870XL. I love the sheer amount of control that I have over my shots, from the pressure the machine brews at to the amount of water that goes into the shot (more so with a double), pre-infusion time, and flow of the steam coming out of the wand. It takes a lot of time getting dialed in right to produce a good shot, and I am still working on my technique, though it has improved greatly in the past few weeks that I've had this machine.

Out of the box:
I'll start with the most disappointing thing for anyone who reads this: The tamper this machine comes with is a cheap, flimsy, plastic 48mm disc that doesn't even cover the surface area of your 49mm portafilter. If you don't have one already, save yourself the extra wait and get yourself a nice, heavy 49mm tamper when you buy this (I got a solid stainless tamper by Silmur and it's perfect) and throw the plastic one into the trash upon arrival.
Now for the good: Everything was well-packaged in molded styrofoam to minimize the chance of impact damage. Everything came out looking shiny and beautiful with no damage. Assembly was pretty straightforward, and the owner's manual gives you just enough information to get started. Disclaimer: the manual does not tell the user how to adjust the pressurestat if you find that your machine is not in the right zone out of the box, or if you really want to fine-tune your extraction. But fear not: simple but tedious pressurestat adjustments are a quick Google/YouTube search away (butter knife and small ratchet with phillips and flat head bits to get the job done not included).

Brewing with this bad boy requires a ton of patience. If you're new to manuals, do not expect to pull amazing shots right away. Even semi-autos have their nuances, though not nearly as many. First, make sure that you can see the meniscus (that bottom line at the top of your water) in the sight glass. This will ensure that your boiler is neither under nor overfilled. It doesn't take long to heat up and get to pressure. Once it's ready to go, the rest is up to you (take lots of notes; it helps!). After a few weeks of active use, I've just about gotten it down (until I get different beans, that is). The steam wand is another well-designed piece of this machine, and produces the silkiest microfoam I have ever made. You control the output, and it is immediate steam on demand. Do let some out to get the wand up to temp and avoid it shooting straight hot water into your pitcher before frothing it up. Back to brewing: It does seem to run a bit hot, and I've read that the general consensus is that the ideal brewing temperature is right when it gets up to pressure, and then after that the user should to apply a cold cloth to the groupset to keep temperatures down and avoid burnt shots. I'll start following that advice and see how my extraction improves.

I've been having a ton of fun with this machine, and don't think I could ever go back to anything short of a manual espresso machine after this experience. It's definitely one of my favorite additions to my coffee-making collection, and I'll probably love it even more when I finally do pull that perfect shot.

Single dosing blow up

Comiso Coffee is my go to for me espresso machine and Eureka grinder. Fast delivery and free shipping.

All ground coffee all happy here

Okay, let me tell you about the Fiorenzato All Ground Coffee Grinder. This thing is a BEAST. I've tried a few grinders in the past, but none of them compare to the consistency and precision of this one. And you know what's the best part? It's so darn easy to use. All you need to do is pour in your beans, choose your grind size, and press a button. Boom! You've got yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

But let me tell you, I had a little issue with the grinder a few days after I got it. I reached out to Comiso Coffee, where I bought it from, and they were SO helpful. They responded quickly and even walked me through a few troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. When it turned out I needed a replacement part, they shipped it to me right away and even gave me a discount on my next purchase as an apology for the inconvenience.

Overall, I can't recommend the Fiorenzato All Ground Coffee Grinder and Comiso Coffee enough. If you're serious about your coffee, this grinder is a game-changer. And if you want to buy it from a company that truly cares about their customers, go with Comiso Coffee. They're the real deal.

Lelit Bianca V3 - Black

Ordered my Lelit Bianca V3 in Black and very excited to try it. Delivery was smooth and fast. However i have noticed a slight flaw on the machine. Contacted Cust Serv and they assured me that it wont be an issue (i hope) they even reached out to Lelit and made sure it wont affect the machines warranty and function. We will see in the future :-)


Really great machine, great espresso and easy to use ..

Lelit MaraX v2 Black

It’s been a month using MaraX and I’m very pleased with it and the espresso that I’m able to produce. IMO it’s very aesthetically pleasing, love the black body with the maple wood, looking beautiful in my kitchen! I knew that it lacked in its feet, poorly designed and just tiny rubbery feet aren’t worthy of the overall machine and also for the price. So I’m fixing that by getting maple wood feet custom made (Etsy) so hopefully that will correct the problem also with moving the machine around. Lelit should definitely correct that moving forward maybe for v3 I guess. I come from a Breville Barista Express so this machine feels way more “premium or commercial”. Love the maple wood pf and the tactile experience with the steam and water knobs and lever. The features selecting preset brew temperatures for different roast types and the coffee/steam priority all work wonderful and it makes a very simple machine that it’s super easy to use a more capable and adjustable interface. One complaint right out of the box is the fact that Lelit didn’t add an exposed adjustment for the OPV to bring the brew pressure down to 9 bars or lower. Know that this machine comes from factory set at 10 bars. It makes zero sense why they’d do that. You have to unscrew several screws and open the top casing to adjust the brew pressure. This should be done by Lelit factory set to the industry standard of 9 bars. Ok back to positive- it comes with an awesome tamper - this is a true solid and beautiful tamper. Also it comes with IMS filter baskets- they seem pretty legit precision baskets, single, double and triple. Sad they don’t include a bottomless pf like they do with the Bianca…Anyways all you need is a good WDT and use the Lelit tamper and you’ll be on your way to make great espresso. Of course you need a good grinder. I paired it with Niche Zero and I’m enjoying amazing espresso. The steaming power is a bit weak when set to coffee mode but still way better than what I was used to with Breville. However when set to steam mode it’s really good. Overall steaming is good for my needs. I don’t need a super end game machine like the bigger Bianca so Mara meets my needs and I find it beautiful! Overall I recommend it and I’d probably buy it again knowing what I know now.

Eureka Atom Coffee Grinder
Robert B.M. (Missouri)
Eureka Atom 75

Excellent grinder. Glad I picked the 75 over the 65. Works well with my Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine. I did modify a Eureka Mignon single dose hopper to work with the Eureka 75. Works great with very little retention.

Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine
Hong T. (California)
Great, solid machine in a small package!

This is a solid HX machine at a very competitive price point.
Lots of power-- back-to-back lattes are no problem with the MaraX.
Great features-- temperature and brew priorities you don't see in other machines at this range.
Looks great!

Sicilian Blend | Whole Bean - 12oz Bag
Dan H. (Arizona)
Best coffee I've had in a loong time

Truly fresh and tastes remarkable. Wakes me up really well in the morning!!

So far so good

This is for the Rancilio Silvia Pro X
I upgraded to this machine after 10 years pulling shots every day on my gently modded Gaggia Classic. The dual pid dual boiler set up is great. No more temp surfing, and truly excellent steam pressure and pro quality steam wand have immediately enhanced my mourning routine. Gripes so far: hot water from the steam boiler produces about 2-3 oz before sputtering a mix of steam and water out of the spout. This means making a 6-8 oz americano (total volume) requires letting the steam boiler refill and reheat. Not a very big deal but I was hoping for enough on-demand hot water to make a cup of tea/americano more easily. Drip tray is small as everyone has pointed out. The group head flush function is great (hold down brew button for a few seconds to rinse group head) but it only runs ~1.5oz through and doesn’t appear to be adjustable, so I find it takes a couple of flushes for the water to run clear after pulling a shot, at which point you might as well hit the brew button and run a phantom shot. Last complaint is that the machine has an auto wake-up setting but you have to set it every night. A bit lame. Small complaints.

Shots have been very good, but I do need to upgrade to a stepless grinder. My Gaggia MDF is too fine on #1 and too course on #2. Looking to pull the trigger on a new one soon and move my whole Gaggia setup to my office.

Overall very impressive build quality and the dual pid takes so much variability out of the process that shots are much more consistent and off flavors from overheating are non existent. The variable soft infusion is a nice feature, and in general I really like the simple function menu and features. I’m very happy with the purchase and am confident when I have it fully dialed in the shots will be far superior to the already very good shots I had learned to pull on the Gaggia. It feels like this machine is capable of pulling shots across a range of roasts and origins where the Gaggia was best in the more traditional dark espresso roasts. We’ll done Rancilio, thank you for the dual pid dual boiler in the classic package at a reasonable price.

Lelit Anna Espresso Machine
Gabriela C. (Colorado)
Love this purchase!6

I adore my new Lelit expresso machine. The coffee is fabulous and the steamer works better than other reviews led me to believe. It’s a solid machine and the size is perfect for my tiny kitchen!

Fiorenzato all ground grinder

The grinding is great and the machine is easy to use and clean. One fault is it leaves static residue on the metal piece under the chute. The manufacture should have included a tray to collect the grind debris. Otherwise, great grinder.

Incredible espresso

The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the arm is very wiggly and at this price point, there should be no plastic whatsoever on the machine. The inlay of the tray is made from plastic and while nit picky it bothers me. The instructions aren’t very good, but comiso has EXCELLENT a service. I mean they answer the phone and they help you. It’s incredible. The machine itself if beautiful and produces the most flavorful and frothy espresso.

Ponte Vecchio Lusso Espresso Machine
Anonymous (California)
Worth it!

So much better than a super automatic . . Huge boiler, fill it up and it last for a week. 1000 on the power, takes about 10 mins to heat up, but you can leave it on all day if you are like me and drink cup after cup. Use to have a machine that’s sold here for 3k, this little guy actually makes a better cup of coffee. You have more control with the lever and piston, you can really pull out the espresso the way you like, unlike the more expensive machines that over pressurize, couldn’t be happy, I start my morning with a Jura because it’s ready right away, but never look forward to what comes out. This little guy gets me excited every time, it’s a big step up in quality.

Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine
Sam B. (District of Columbia)
Great espresso machine in a compact size

The Mara X is a small but mighty machine. After using an entry level Breville machine for years it is great to have consistent temperatures when pulling back-to-back shots, lots of steaming power, and a well-built, sturdy machine. Experimenting with the different temperature settings when brewing beans with roast profiles has been a lot of fun and has improved my espresso. The classic e61 group head looks great on my coffee bar.

Excellent machine and overall experience

Comiso Coffee: Like many of you, I spent countless hours reading about machines and bouncing back and forth between the options. I finally settled on the Mara X and was looking at different sites to purchase. Comiso offered the unit at the best price so they won my business. The shipping was faster than advertised and my unit arrived in perfect condition. They also provided prompt responses to my inquiries. I would not hesitate to use Comiso again for future purchases.

Lelit MaraX: The build quality is excellent and the machine looks amazing on my counter. I’ve been making 2-4 drinks a day that taste better than the local bougie coffee shops and are way more consistent. The machine exceeded my every expectation, although I did read every review and watched all the youtube videos I could on this machine and its’ competitors. Looking forward to adding some wood accent knobs in the future and maybe the flow control kit from the Bianca once I hone in my barista skills. My only regret is I didn’t buy sooner.

Great customer service from the company

I ordered Lelit Bianca. The package arrived good but two of the porterfilters had light scratches from the factory. After a few emails, Comiso Coffee sent me 2 brand new replacement porterfilters and I returned the defective ones.
Very satisfied with their followup and they also have the best pricing for many high end machines! Highly recommend.

Great machine

This is espresso machine is pretty straightforward to understand and operate. Made a perfect espresso the first time I used it. The steamer for cappuccino is much better and more powerful than my old machine (a Krups that lasted 30 years), so that has a bit of a learning curve, but not a big deal.

I did have one, small "First World Problem" initially. The gauge for the bar pressure didn't move when making the espresso, but otherwise everything functioned perfectly. After talking with Comiso customer service, the problem was solved by running the machine with the blind filter that is included. Now everything is 100%. I appreciated that they took the time to research the issue, and guided me through the solution.

Very pleased with the Lelit Anna, and with Comiso Coffee.

Lelit Bottomless Portafilter
Justin K. (Missouri)
Great upgrade

Works great, and the wood matches the knobs well.

Lelit Mara X V2 Espresso Machine
Justin K. (Missouri)
Beautiful machine!

This was a huge upgrade for me and I couldn't be happier. Comiso was great and got it to me faster than expected even dealing with the manufacturer's backorders.

Solid little Heat Exchanger

Solid stainless construction and looks great. Pulls some good shots on the E61 Single Group. Pressure fairly consistent. Structures/textures milk fine, primarily used on steam priority. Heat up time no issue for me (18-29 minutes) Have knowledge of extraction and a good grinder. Overall happy with the function of this machine. The quality/texture/extraction on this prosumer machine is pretty decent. The vibratory pump is pretty quite. Honestly concerned with the longevity of the electrical components because I had an issue with the on/off button initially. Water softener from Lelit fairly expensive. But I would recommend it over a rocket and many other in the class.

Solid little machine

A great upgrade from my previous machine (Via Venezia), it's shiny as ever. Heats up pretty quickly. Decent steam comes out, haven't quite got the hang of it for milk, but much better than last machine. The 57mm portafiter size doesn't matter to me since I'm not worried about accessories that much. My Gaggia MDF is consistent enough to get good shots dialed in as long as I'm doing good bed prep, so I'm content. The single shot basket works okay too. The water container is a little weird, but fine and was able to drop in a water softener cartridge since it's not recommended to descale the boiler all that much. The challenge might be it's not that popular in the US, but for the value you get with the gauge and pid it really should be. Between my wife and I we've been pulling 6-8 shots everyday for a month and it's been solid. This thing looks like it's built inside to last and be serviceable, so here's hoping this will last 10years like the last machine I had.

La Pavino Europiccola Expresso Machine

Totally loving my new manual expresso machine and I can tell I will need lots of practice to get my perfect shot🤣 it is very solid and pretty, too.

Design 5 Espresso Tamper
Ed C. (Arizona)
Amazing tamper

Outstanding quality materials, design and handles well for the job. The conned shape allows a more efficient brew. The handle is beautiful and the weight is just right. A high quality product. Don’t overthink it, just get it!