Open Box Policy

At Comiso Coffee, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional products and service. Our Open Box Items Policy ensures transparency and clarity regarding the purchase of open box products.

If you have any questions or concerns about our open box items policy, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance. Please review the following guidelines before making a purchase:


Open box items are products that have been returned by customers for various reasons, such as minor cosmetic defects, damaged packaging, or simple buyer's remorse. These items are thoroughly inspected by our team to ensure they meet our quality standards before being made available for purchase.


While open box items may have been previously opened or used, they are guaranteed to be in good working condition. Any cosmetic imperfections or signs of use will be clearly disclosed in the product description.


Open box items are sold with the same warranty as brand-new products, unless otherwise stated. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may arise during normal use.


Open box items are subject to availability and may be limited in quantity. Due to the nature of these products, availability may vary based on customer returns and inventory levels.

Return Policy

We offer a standard return policy for open box items, allowing customers to return their purchase within a specified period for a refund or exchange. Please refer to our general return policy for more details.


Open box items are priced competitively to reflect their condition and value. While they may offer cost savings compared to brand-new products, pricing is determined based on factors such as the item's condition, age, and market demand.

Product Descriptions

Each open box item is accompanied by a detailed product description, outlining any cosmetic flaws, signs of use, or other relevant information. We encourage customers to review these descriptions carefully before making a purchase.


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