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Lelit Elizabeth Espresso Machine
$1,699.00 Regular price $1,899.00
Lelit Mara Espresso Machine
$1,549.00 Regular price $1,599.00
Lelit Anna Espresso Machine
$569.00 Regular price $600.00
Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine
$2,979.00 Regular price $3,100.00
Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine
$1,099.00 Regular price $1,200.00
Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica Espresso Machine
$2,259.00 Regular price $2,400.00

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"The machine arrived securely packed and included the steamer cup and espresso shot glasses packed in the main box. We are pleased with the quality of the machine and the clarity of the instruction manual. After cleaning the machine according to Comiso Coffee’s La Pavoni care instructions, we were able to pull a decent first shot."

- Paige

"Thank you to Comiso Coffee for my Elektra machine. They answered questions promptly, communicated about order status and it delivered securely."

- Thomas O

"Comiso immediately sent me a missing part and a replacement handle that was defective . Comiso kept me informed and I will do business with them again."

- Marilyn Romaine

 "Comiso Coffee is great. Not able to tell you how happy I am with the whole purchase process. From delivery to the unexpected free gift you sent me. I really can't express how awesome you guys are.

- Susan E.

"The Europicola I ordered was out of stock so Comiso Coffee offered a Stradivari in its place at no extra charge. They are both beautiful machines and I’ve been able to dial in a lovely and dependable shot of espresso. The La Pavoni has made my daily coffee ritual experience a truly special one."

- Haylee P.

"Comiso Coffee was very helpful and prompt with the delivery. Only problem is the cappuccinos are so delicious that I need to switch to decaf, or I'll never sleep again. Easy to drink too many!"

- Roger C.

Bought an espresso machine last year from you guys. It was the perfect solution for our business. I will definitely buy again.

- Crimson Cup Coffee Shop


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