Lelit Anna Espresso Machine

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Andrew Dominguez
Lelit Anna Pid

Awesome and well built machine. Use it to pull 2-5 shots a day. Makes for a beautiful counter piece. Excellent delivery.

Great Starter Machine

good machine decently sturdy,would like it to have a little more weight to it but is very good all round

Lelit Anna PL41TEM is the best

bought this machine after wanting to dump a Nespresso machine that we've had for 10 years (yes 10 years). What a waste of 10 years. As someone who loves Espresso but does not want to go down the rabbit hole of double boilers, beautiful machines, exact timed shot, etc but just wants a good espresso machine that looks good and keeps giving consistent coffee day in and day out then this is the machine for you! Can't recommend it enough!

Gabriela Carrion
Love this purchase!6

I adore my new Lelit expresso machine. The coffee is fabulous and the steamer works better than other reviews led me to believe. It’s a solid machine and the size is perfect for my tiny kitchen!

Scott Godfrey
LELIT ANNA learning curve

This Lelit Anna replaced my Rancilio Silvia that I ran daily for the last 18 years, (bought it used so it was 20+ years old), The Anna is a machine that I am still learning to use. It is a more precise machine than my old battle tank Silvia. Ms. Silvia knocked out 2 doubles every morning like clockwork, 6-minute warmup, flawless steaming. Anna takes longer to heat up, but it’s on a timer so that is not an issue. The PID on the Anna is great! Anna’s a nicer looking machine and easier to fill and clean. Pressure is somewhat disappointing. Regardless of grind or blend, extraction is steady at 8.5 bars. Mostly the gauge just signals the true start of extraction, and then it’s a matter of watching the pull develop. Steaming milk takes longer, getting to the right texture and then throttle back to the final temperature. Just for laughs, I tried a finer grind and used the pod filter for a 16g double shot. This produced the best crema I’ve had to date. I’m thinking of getting a bottomless portafilter to explore this further. Do get a steel 57mm tamper or similar as leveling and light tamping is inconsistent with the plastic tamp included with the Anna. Unlike the Silvia, you can't consistently get the right distribution and tamp from locking tightness against the diffuser screen.
So, in summary, I’m not there yet, but I’m certain that when I get the hang of the Anna and the other accessories, it will not fail to satisfy me. I would definitely recommend this machine, and be patient with it.


Dimensions & Specs

Height 13.5 inches
Width 10 inches
Length 10.5 inches
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 1000 Watts
Boiler Size 0.22 Liters
Portafilter Size 57 mm
Tank Capacity 2.6 Liters
Amperage 15 Amps
Weight 16 pounds

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