Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder

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Bob Martin Del Campo
Very accurate

Grind size is very consistent, machine is easy to operate.

Martin Haagmans
Eureka Mignon Silenzio

My thoughts after using it for a couple of weeks.
The grinder mechanism itself is great. The interface leaves a lot to be desired. I'll start with the negatives, because I have to start somewhere.
1. The hopper has to secured with a screw that needs a tool (philips screw driver). Given the fact that you probably remove it regularly (I do), It should be a screw or some other fastener that can be used without a tool. Solution is to leave the screw loose, which doesn't cause a problem
2. The hopper has a stopper, good idea, but it is very hard to get in all the way and feels flimsy.
3. I know I didn't purchase a single dose grinder, but... retention. lots of it and inconsistent. Sometimes (after rocking the grinder) 1 gram, sometimes as much as 3 grams. You need to purge some in the morning to get the previous day's stale grinds out. And I am not sure you succeed to get all of them out.
4. Dosing by adjusting the timer. Why did they have to use such a tiny knob on that adjustment? It's really hard to move it precisely. And why not make the adjustment finer where you have to turn more to have less effect and thus can be more precise.
5. When using the timed mode. Why not give the opportunity to interrupt the grind so you can settle the grinds in the basket and then continue. Or just stop the grind when you think it's enough. To stop the grind you use the power switch (seriously?)
6. Could you give us a more clumsy portafilter holder. It doesn't go in the hole very securely, you can move it around very easily.
On the plus side:
1. The grind seems very consistent.
2. The grinds flow nicely into the portafilter with little spilling (especially when using a funnel which is what I do). Very fluffy.
3. No or little clumping.
4. The grind adjustment is very good.

I am going to change the grinder to a single use with little to no retention with a small hopper replacement and a below to blow out most of the grinds that get stuck.
As you can probably tell from my review so far. I am a little disappointed with this grinder considering the price. I am glad I got the entry level machine, because the next few model numbers up would still have the flaws that I pointed out would still be there.

In conclusion, I think it's still a great grinder. As the name Silenzio suggests, it is indeed very quiet. The quality of the motor and the burrs seems excellent and should last many years. I think I'll keep this grinder as I don't see much else in this price range. I am going to replace the hopper with a single use hopper and add a below to get most of the grinds out.

Jerrell Williams
Good but

Hopper seems cheap and flimsy.

Awesome Grinder

This grinder is great. It’s easy to set up and make fine adjustments as required. The white and chrome option looks great as well.


Dimensions & Specs

Height 16 inches
Width 9 inches
Length 12 inches
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 260 Watts
Burr Size 55 mm
Weight 15 pounds

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