What is a Vibratory Pump?

What is a Vibratory Pump? - Comiso Coffee

A vibratory pump, also known as a vibrating pump, is a type of positive displacement pump that uses vibrating motion to move fluid through a pump. These pumps are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications to transfer liquids.

Vibratory pumps work by creating a series of pulses or vibrations that cause the fluid to move through the pump. This is achieved by using an eccentric weight attached to a shaft that rotates at high speeds. The rotation of the eccentric weight creates the vibrations that move the fluid.

In addition to their industrial and manufacturing uses, vibratory pumps are also commonly used in espresso machines. They are used to create the high pressure needed to force water through the coffee grounds, resulting in a delicious shot of espresso.

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Advantages of a Vibratory Pump

Some of the high-end commercial espresso machines use vibratory pumps for the constant pressure that is needed for the espresso extraction, and it's a reliable choice for the barista to get a consistent extraction every time.

  1. One of the main advantages of using a vibratory pump in an espresso machine is its ability to create a consistent and stable pressure throughout the brewing process. This is crucial for achieving a consistent shot of espresso with the desired flavor and aroma. Additionally, vibratory pumps are known for their durability, which is important for an appliance that is used frequently.
  2. Another advantage of using a vibratory pump in an espresso machine is its ability to handle high temperatures. Espresso machines use water that is heated to a high temperature, and the vibratory pump can maintain its performance in these conditions.


It's worth noting that, not all espresso machines use vibratory pumps, some use a different type of pump, such as a rotary vane pump. The choice of pump depends on the specific design and requirements of the machine.

In conclusion, vibratory pumps are an important component in many espresso machines. They provide the high pressure and consistent flow needed for a delicious shot of espresso, and their durability and ability to handle high temperatures make them a great choice for this application.

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