What is PID?

What is PID? - Comiso Coffee

As we all know, the temperature is extremely critical when brewing coffee. The water temperature for coffee should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, according to any true coffee enthusiast. Oftentimes, espresso machines have a device called a Proportional Integral Derivative, or PID for short. Temperature, flow, pressure, speed, and other variables can be controlled by a PID controller. PIDs are essentially control loop feedback mechanisms that monitor and control the temperature that is needed for an ideal cup. With a PID system, the temperature is regulated by an advanced algorithm so it stays at exactly the right level.

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Do I need a PID in my espresso machine?

As a result of many small factors, this controller constantly calculates temperature changes due to many variables. One major variable is the ambient air temperature around your espresso machine.

The temperature of your water would fluctuate if your espresso machine wasn't equipped with a PID. This change in temperature might result in a significant change to your espresso's taste. Simply put, PID controllers try to anticipate what may happen in the espresso machine's environment. In this way, the temperature is kept in check before it goes out of control.

A few more reasons to consider a PID espresso machine would be:

  1. The fact that coffee beans have varying ideal brew temperatures. With the help of PID, this is a variable you would be given complete control over in your brewing process.
  2. Steam boilers can also benefit from PID temperature control. Steaming performance can be fine-tuned by adjusting the steam boiler temperature. Steam pressure increases with higher temperatures, while steam pressure decreases with lower temperatures.
  3. Café-level consistency with every cup. We've all had that one exceptional cup of espresso at some point and ideally this is something we could enjoy time and time again. With a PID, it essentially eliminates the temperature variable for the brewing process.


Hopefully you now have a decent understanding of PID controllers and how important they are. You can browse all of our PID controlled espresso machines by clicking here.

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