Weekly Espresso Machine Maintenance

Weekly Espresso Machine Maintenance - Comiso Coffee

Chemically cleaning your machine once a week to break down built-up debris is highly recommended. Once a week, you should chemically clean your espresso machine with a specially formulated cleaner. Fresh water should always be used when dissolving espresso machine cleaning agents. When you prepare the solution, be sure to follow the instructions detailed on the cleaning product itself.

The following pointers are provided as a rough guide, and depend heavily on the make and model of your particular espresso machine. You should always refer to any manufacturer documentation for clarity. So without further ado; Here is how to properly clean your espresso machine weekly.

Disassembling The Machine For Cleaning

Start by disassembling some of the exterior parts of the machine. You can use your preferred cleaning solution to chemically sanitize your machine’s basket, portafilter, steam wand, and screen. We recommend using “Rinza Steam Wand Cleaner” for this process.

    1. Remove portafilter from the machine.
    2. Take the basket out off the portafilter.
    3. Detach the steam wand from the machine.
    4. Remove the screen from the group with a small screwdriver.

    Soak The Parts Overnight

    Do not be alarmed if your cleaning solution changes color. This indicates that the chemicals have dissolved espresso residue.

    1. Place the parts in the solution. 
    2. Allow the pieces to soak overnight.

      Scrub & Rinse The Parts

      1. Remove the items from the solution.
      2. If the cleaning solution did not dissolve all of the espresso residue, scrub the portafilter, basket, steam wand, and/or screen with a brush.
      3. Rinse the espresso machine parts under warm water.
      4. Double-check the steam wand to make sure all of the milk-protein is removed.

        Consult the product’s instructions to determine how to dispose of any remaining cleaning solution.

          Performing this task will increase the longevity of your espresso machine and keep the perfect cup of espresso in your hands for years to come.

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