Health Benefits of Espresso

Health Benefits of Espresso - Comiso Coffee

A little shot goes a long way!


Espresso. Many of us imagine it dispersed in a latte or other espresso-based beverage. Others may picture that classic shot of espresso. The thick, caramel-colored crema, frothed on top of a small, but tenacious layer of dark liquid in a little demitasse cup sitting atop a matching saucer. But, no matter which way you like to enjoy your espresso, you will be supplying your body and mind with a whole ton of different benefits. From improved concentration to accentuated awareness and wakefulness. Let’s explore espresso in a bit more detail and find out how much of a storm in a teacup espresso really is!


What is espresso?


A little shot goes a long way - Comiso Coffee


Firstly, it may be important to talk about what exactly espresso is. Espresso is made from roasted coffee beans that are ground extremely fine. Other roasting types can be found around the world with the traditional Italian style espresso using only the dark roasted beans. This is because the darker the roast, the easier and finer the coffee grinds can be. Espresso is prepared by being packed into a special strainer that is then attached to an espresso machine. The machine then forces hot water through the fine grounds to produce a highly concentrated and super potent pull of coffee. A nice pull of espresso will also produce a foamy, light brown head known as a crema. 

The history of espresso goes back to the 1800’s when Alberto Moriondo of Turin, Italy patented a steam powered device that could make near instant cups of coffee. The results of his tinkering and various attempts to perfect his invention lead to a change in the world of coffee. Soon, espresso was enjoyed throughout Italy before making its way abroad, often times in the form of the beloved cappuccino. Today myriad espresso based beverages grace many a café and coffee house menu including not just cappuccino but also Americano, a palette of different styles of latte’s, macchiato and scores of other delectable beverages. So keep in mind when you order these drinks that you may be experiencing some of the great health benefits that espresso provides! Now, let us take a look at what some of those benefits are! 


Weight Loss


Weight loss - Comiso Coffee


So this one has a few layers to it. First, espresso having almost no calories puts it head and shoulders above a lot of other options on a café menu. That is if you are enjoying shots of espresso or an Americano sans sugar or syrup! The next cool thing about espresso that will aid in weight loss is that it can boost your physical performance too! The high caffeine level that hits you almost as soon as you down some espresso will give you a supercharged feeling. And of course the more energetic and powerful you feel, the harder you will exercise too! But that’s not all, caffeine is even said to reduce muscle soreness and pain. This of course has the benefit of helping you push through a tough workout and keep you going the next day too. Assuming you will be hitting the gym or exercising the next day that is! To experience the best benefits of espresso while exercising, make sure to consume some at least a half hour before working out. Oh! And another great thing about espresso? It can speed up your metabolism too and really toast up some excess calories! So go ahead and have that big burger for lunch, just make sure to wash it down with some espresso.




Memory! - Comiso Coffee


Espresso has a handy habit of boosting our long term memories! A recent study found that lucky folks who enjoy atleast two shots of espresso benefited from an increased level of memory consolidation. This was a boon to fortifying long-term memory. Opt for an Americano if you are trying to reap the most benefits from the weight loss powers of espresso and go for cappuccino if you have some time to kill and don’t mind a bit of foam and sweetness in your diet!




Antioxidants - Comiso Coffee


The antioxidants found in coffee beans are also in high supply in espresso, too. Antioxidants are found naturally in all sorts of food products, especially fruits. And coffee beans just so happen to come from plump red coffee cherries! Antioxidants are mostly credited with helping to protect our body from roaming free radicals. Free radicals float around our body causing oxidative stress, damaging our cells and making us look older. Antioxidants are a natural and delicious method of keeping free radicals in check and keep our skin looking young! Polyphenols, hydrocinnamic acid and cafestol just to name a few of the naturally occurring chemicals that coffee provides us with. These antioxidants also can decrease inflammation and help to prevent certain diseases and ailments and just generally promote overall good health. Who knew espresso could be such a health boon?


Concentration & Alertness


Concentration & Alertness - Comiso Coffee


Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Look no further than espresso! Because espresso is a highly concentrated dose of coffee you will feel on top of the world just after a shot or two! This is because the high quantity of caffeine present in espresso lights up the dopamine in your brain to improve your mood, make your concentration laser-focused and of course, wake you up!


Heart Health


Heart Health - Comiso Coffee


Some studies have found that espresso can protect our hearts! The study found that women in particular benefit from a lower risk of stroke than women who did not enjoy espresso regularly. Coffee has also been found to increase circulation and promote healthy blood flow.


Reduces Risk of Diabetes


Reduces Risk of Diabetes - Comiso Coffee


For individuals that may be struggling with or have the potential risk of developing diabetes, try enjoying more espresso! Espresso can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes later on in life. The fact that espresso is devoid of any kind of extra sugars, salts or fats is one of the big reasons for its diabetes fighting nature.


Espresso - The Perfect Beverage


Whether you prefer your espresso buried under extra cream, foam and other accouterments or if you like it as is right in that classic white demitasse, crowned only with a foamy layer of frothy crema, espresso is a real treat! Besides being a dynamo in the coffee world due to its versatility in tons of delicious drinks and famed beverages, it can also protect our hearts, enhance our memory and certainly keep us awake and alert! So, what are you waiting for? Why not knock back a shot or two of espresso today? Your body and mind will certainly thank you.


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