6 Espresso Drinks to Make at Home

6 Espresso Drinks to Make at Home - Comiso Coffee

Espresso is everyone’s favorite coffee drink. Mostly because it can serve as a base for making other drinks: that’s kind of the beauty of it. Espresso, by itself, can appeal only to dedicated coffee lovers. But a latte, a cappuccino? Universally loved.

So, in order to expand our espresso knowledge, we’ll be introducing you to some less-known espresso-based drinks in this article. All of them are delicious, and all of them can be made at home with relative ease. Of course, we’ll be helping you with detailed instructions.

Here’s our list:

#1 Corretto

This Italian invention, full name caffè corretto, means literally “corrected (or fixed) coffee”. It consists of a strong shot of espresso -typically using a very dark roast- with a few drops of liquor. Much like it happens with similar drinks (like the spanish cortado), the liquor is added to a concentrated shot of espresso to help tone down bitterness and/or sourness, and only a few drops are added; however, depending on the person, it can reach ratios of up to 1:1.

To fully recreate the original corretto, you must use Grappa, a strong alcohol made from grape pomace. Grappa is fragrant, yet strong, and good Grappa is only produced in Italy or Switzerland. You can’t get any more Italian than that. However, you can also use brandy, as the flavor is quite similar and it yields good results.


How to make a Caffè Corretto:

● Prepare a shot of espresso like you normally would, and serve in a small cup.
● Place the cup on top of a scale for more precision, and add 5 ml of Grappa or Brandy.
● Enjoy!

#2 Marocchino

If you’re a fan of chocolate, this drink might just become your new favorite one. Literally meaning “brown”, Marocchino is a drink consisting of an espresso shot with milk foam and cocoa powder. The coffee acquires a pleasant brown color, hence the name.

Slight variations of this drink are very common: since it’s a drink that aims for a chocolate-like flavor, adding hot cocoa is popular, just as it is using other types of chocolate. Nutella is particularly popular as an ingredient for this drink, being the only acceptable way to prepare a Marocchino in some circles.


How to prepare a Marocchino:

● Pull a shot of espresso.
● Immediately after, while the espresso is still piping hot, add 1 teaspoon of nutella.
● Thoroughly froth 30 ml of whole milk until you get a lot of foam.
● Add foam on top of the espresso shot.
● Sprinkle cocoa powder on top.
● Enjoy!

#3 Con Panna

This drink goes back to the first espresso bars ever to open. The fancy, simple, and sweet nature of the caffè con panna made it the most popular coffee drink of its time. Its name is Italian for “coffee with whipped cream”, which is quite self-explanatory. It also goes by the name of Café Viennois, which is French for “Viennese coffee”, since the drink was popularized in the city of Vienna.

Traditionally, caffè con panna are served in demitasse cups, without sugar for obvious reasons, and are often topped with cocoa, cinnamon, or other spices.

Con Panna

How to make a caffè con panna:

● Pull a shot, or a double shot, of espresso.
● Using your favorite brand of canister whipped cream, add whipped cream on top in a spiraling motion.
● Enjoy!

#4 Freddo

This is a much more modern drink; a double shot of espresso is mixed with ice, then blended. It originates in Greece, big fans of strong coffee that felt neither iced coffee nor cold brew could live up to their standards.

Freddo is a much stronger, rich beverage which can be enjoyed in the hot summer-- nothing better than a refreshing coffee for when you're feeling tired!


How to make Freddo Espresso:

● Pull a double shot of espresso.
● Add 30ml of ice cubes; blend or don't, depending on your preference.
● Sweeten with white sugar or artificial sweetener.

#5 Shakerato

Somewhere between a cocktail and a coffee drink, we find the shakerato. Its name comes from the fact that you need a cocktail shaker to make it.

Using a cup of espresso, Bailey's Irish Cream, ice and a little bit of sugar, this sweet, devilish beverage comes to life.


How to make a Shakerato:

● Pull one shot of espresso.
● To the shaker, add two teaspoons of sugar, the one shot of espresso, 50ml of Bailey's, and two to three ice cubes.
● Shake vigorously for thirty seconds.
● Serve in a wine glass, and enjoy.

#6 Affogato

If you love dessert as much as you love coffee, you can die happily after trying this drink. Meaning "drowned" in Italian, the affogato is made by placing one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a coffee cup and then pouring hot espresso over it--- "drowning" it.

Though considered a dessert rather than a beverage in some places, the Affogato deserves a place on our list and our hearts.


How to make a affogato:

● Add one medium scoop of vanilla ice cream to a coffee cup or mug.
● Pour one shot of espresso over it. (It must be very hot, freshly pulled)
● Enjoy!

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