Vibiemme Domobar Double Boiler Espresso Machine

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Vibiemme Domobar Double Boiler Espresso Machine

The latest creation by Milan based Vibiemme or VBM for short. The crowning achievement by VBM after years and years of R&D. From October 2009 to March 2011, VBM worked diligently to upgrade their Double Domobar double boiler espresso machine. One of the main requirements was to design and build a dual boiler espresso machine that would not have any compromises at 15 amps electrical service when compared to 20 amps. Equipped with both boilers, coffee and steam, fully insulated. The drip tray cover has also been enhanced to reduce ‘splatter’ from the 3 way valve extended below the grouphead.

Vibiemme Domobar Double Boiler Espresso Machine features:

  • Heavy duty true VBM E61 grouphead: Maintains active flow of water from the grouphead to the heat exchanger in the boiler.
  • Professional grade brass portafilters: 1 single spout portafilter with a 1-cup filter basket and 1 double spout portafilter with a 2-cup filter basket.
  • Coffee boiler capacity / material: 0.5 liter copper boiler. This very small coffee boiler allows quicker displacement of any stale water as possibly found on larger coffee boilers for machines in this class.
  • Steam boiler capacity / material: 1.9 liter copper boiler.
  • Boiler pressure gauge: Indicates steam boiler pressure.
  • Pump pressure gauge: Indicates brew pressure during espresso extraction (reading will vary while not extracting).
  • Multi-directional stainless steel steam wand: Located on the left side and can be moved in different directions.
  • Multi-directional stainless steel hot water wand: Located on the right side and can be moved in different directions.
  • Power light: Located on the right side and indicates when the machine is powered on.
  • Heating light: Located on left side and indicates when espresso machine is heating.
  • Water light: Located in the middle and indicates when water level in water reservoir in rear is low.
  • Three stage power switch: Three stage power switch allows user to operate espresso machine with coffee boiler only or both boilers simultaneously
  • Extremely large stainless steel drip tray: Can be easily (slides out with pull of handle) removed for cleaning. Grate stays on machine when pulling out drip tray so that it is one step removal to empty.
  • GICAR branded electronic water level control: Reacts to a .02 C of temperature change in the coffee boiler.
  • Rotary vane pump and commercial-grade motor: Quieter than a vibration pump, but it is more expensive to replace. Hence, descaling is important.
  • OPV (over pressure valve): Opens when too much pump pressure exists. Located in rear of machine with easy access when the body panel, the 6 associated screws, and divider are removed. Although the pump has an adjustment screw for regulation, the OPV is an additional feature to manage overflow that may be caused by overpressure from the water company when the machine is plumbed in.
  • Accessories included: Single spout portafilter, 1-cup filter basket, double spout portafilter, 2-cup filter basket, blind filter basket (for backflushing), plastic coffee scoop, and a common useless plastic tamper (please make sure to order a good tamper).
  • Made in Milan, Italy
  • Height (inches) - 16
  • Width (inches) - 11
  • Depth (inches) - 20
  • Weight (pounds) - 84
  • Wattage (watts) - 1600
  • Voltage (volts) - 110-120
  • Boiler capacity (liters) Coffee – 0.5, Steam – 1.9
  • Portafilter size (mm) - 58
  • Tank capacity (liters) - 2.1

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