Bezzera Unica Espresso Machine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martin Haagmans (Brunssum, LI)
Bezzera Unica First Impressions

After working with the Unica for two weeks, here are my first impressions:
Ordering experience and delivery from COMISO were excellent. The grinder came very fast, the espresso machine was shipped from New Jersey rather than Phoenix which is where the company is located and took a little longer since we live in Denver.
As for the machine I had some difficulties getting started.
I didn't realized that the filterbasket is for 20g of coffee, where I was used to 17-18g in my previous machine. Even at 20g the puck is still a little soupy, I may have to go to 22 or get a smaller basket. I am going to try the basket from my Breville 900 which always gave me dry pucks. Then there is the pressure issue. If I manage to get the pressure at 9 bars, the flow it too fast and yields 40g of coffee in <15 seconds. At 12 bars, I get a nice flow and the appropriate length shot. Perhaps my manometer is off? I paired my purchase with the Eureka Mignon Silenzio and while it is silenzio and fast, it's not very accurate in delivery. It ranges from 17 to 21 grams. This is due to retention. When I bounce the grinder, a bunch of grinds come out and when I take off the hopper and blow through it while running the grinder a lot more comes out. I am going to retrofit/hack it so that it become a single dose grinder with a bellow on top. Back to the espresso machine. Going from espresso to steam and back is very fast, not an issue for me. The steam is enormous. Too much when I open the valve complete by putting it in the UP position. So instead I push the joystick down gently so I can control the flow. It takes about 10 seconds to steam my milk, it's insane. In the up position the valve stick a bit. Not sure what lubricant to use the remedy that. I'll call COMISO to see what their thought is. The drip tray is smaller than what I expected or perhaps it fills quickly because the tree-way valve dumps a lot of water after every pull even a flush without back pressure. As I was used to the float in the drip tray of my Breville which would warn me when it was time to dump, I've filled it to the brim and had to use a syringe to get water out or risk spilling water all over the counter and floor.
Also lacking is ability to see how much water is left in the reservoir and a warning when you're low/out. Again two features that I was used to on my Breville. I chose for the single boiler as opposed to my double boiler Breville, so that it would heat up faster and that is certainly the case. I heats up quickly, however the group heat is not hot yet, so I pull one or two blank shots first, or I wait 15 minutes. Switching back and forth to and from steam is a cinch by pressing the + button for 3 seconds and takes no time at all. Going back to espresso it a little more complicated as you have to open the steam want and turn on the pump. Which can be a little messy as powerful steam goes all over the place. I hold a towel around the nozzle to minimize that. This operation takes only 5-10 seconds.
The machine is gorgeous to look at and exudes quality and craftsmanship. My Breville 900 with the Breville Smart Grinder are very easy to dial in. For some reason my current combination proves to be more challenging. I am sure I'll figure it out soon. It's not rocket science. I would still recommend this machine for someone that's serious about espresso making.

5 Stars!

I was amazed at the quality of this espresso machine. 5 Stars!

Larry H
Great... even after 6 months of heavy use

The title says it all! I love this machine! Sturdy, reliable and fits in great with my other stainless steel kitchen appliances.



Dimensions & Specs

Height 15 inches
Width 10 inches
Length 17 inches
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 1300 Watts
Boiler Size 0.5 Liters
Portafilter Size 58 mm
Tank Capacity 3 Liters
Weight 46 pounds

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