Bezzera Mitica Espresso Machine

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Bezzera Mitica Espresso Machine

Introducing the newest Bezzera espresso machine model. The Mitica is crafted from polished stainless steel and has an extensive list of features. A rotary vane pump allows for a more quiet and efficient performance. An E61 grouphead and copper boiler with heat exchanger technology allows for simultaneous steaming and brewing, instant delivery of steam and hot water with joystick controls and a massive 4 liter water tank that can be converted to a direct water line connection. This espresso machine is a great option for home or light commercial use.

Comiso Coffee - Bezzea Mitica Espresso Machine features

Bezzera Mitica Espresso Machine features:

  • Accessories included: Single spout portafilter, double spout portafilter, 1-cup filter basket, 2-cup filter basket, blind filter basket, plastic tamper, plastic scoop, grouphead cleaning brush, reservoir plug, 1.5 meter stainless steel braided hose, and instruction manual.
  • Electric heating.
  • Automatic boiler water supply.
  • Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler.
  • Heat exchanger with a large copper boiler: Allows you to brew coffee, steam milk, and pour hot piping water all at the same time.
  • PID controller allows programmability of temperature of boiler – the benefit is you can change it for different coffees
  • Stainless steel body: Polished to a mirror finish.
  • E61 grouphead: Hot water circulates from the heat exchanger through the grouphead and back to keep the grouphead and your portafilter nice and hot. Lever next to the grouphead activates a microswitch which turns on the pump to pump water through the coffee grinds.
  • Boiler pressure gauge (measures 0-3) to show steam boiler pressure.
  • Pump pressure gauge (measures 0-16) to show brew pressure during extraction.
  • Brew that is controlled by a lever located next to the grouphead.
  • Water reservoir tank that is switchable to direct plumbing. In order to make the switch, there is a loose wire found in reservoir area inside that must be connected. The included plug needs to be inserted into the reservoir connection underneath the reservoir. The plug needs to be removed from the water line connection under the machine, and the included stainless steel braided hose needs to be attached. We suggest purchasing the fitting we recommend to attach on the other end of the hose for the water line.
  • Three way manual solenoid valve that permits the user to remove the portafilter rapidly following each extraction.
  • Cup warmer that is passively heated by the non-insulated copper boiler.
  • Full-sized pressurestat regulated boiler pressure.
  • Full-sized vacuum breaker valve which removed vacuum from boiler after powering to the off position.
  • Rocker power switch.
  • Auto-fill relay (brain unit), made by Gicar, is strategically located at the bottom of the machine which helps to prevent heat damage. The brain unit is protected from water damage by a cover.
  • 1 year parts and labor

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Height 17 inches
Width 13 inches
Length 18 inches
Weight 66 pounds

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