Cleaning Tools

Keeping your espresso machine in top shape requires a little bit of maintenance. At Comiso Coffee, we like to make this as easy as possible. Here you can find various cleaning agents, descalers and brushes.

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Cleaning Tools
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Coffeetool Brushes
Regular price $19.00
Mavea Water Hardness Test Kit
Regular price $29.00
Mavea Water System
Nuova Simonelli Cleaning Tablets
Regular price $29.00
Pallo Grinderminder Brush
Regular price $29.00
Lelit Wooden BrushComiso Coffee
Lelit Wooden Brush
Regular price $14.00
BILT Osmotic Scale Reduction Cloth PackComiso Coffee
BILT Osmotic Scale Reduction Cloth Pack
Regular price $29.00
BILT In-Tank Rechargeable Water SoftenerComiso Coffee
BILT In-Tank Rechargeable Water Softener
Regular price $29.00
Solis Mavea Intenza Water Filter
Regular price $19.00
Elektra Water SoftenerComiso Coffee
Elektra Water Softener
Regular price $49.00
Dezcal Commercial Grade Calcium Remover
Regular price $30.00
Nylon Cleaning BrushComiso Coffee Nylon Cleaning BrushComiso Coffee
Nylon Cleaning Brush
Regular price $9.00


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