Top 7 Espresso Machines For Home

Top 7 Espresso Machines For Home

Home is where the coffee is!


They say the best sandwich you could ever have is the one you make yourself. And some also say that the best pull of espresso is the one you pull yourself! Surely other folks may disagree, but for those who have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a homemade sandwich and a home pulled shot of espresso, perhaps even at the same time, may attest that this is certainly correct! 

But just as the perfect sandwich cannot be made without the most perfect bread and other goodies on the inside, so too can the perfect shot of espresso not be pulled without the perfect espresso machine. Hence our handy list below! We have selected only the best home espresso machines to peruse as we take a tour of the seven best home espresso machines on the market. So, without further ado, andiamo!

#7. Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine

A dream machine! The most emblematic coffee machine in our home range. Without touching a line of its daring retro aesthetic silhouette and its world of colors. The stunning vintage aesthetic will complement any kitchen and become the highlight of your home or office. The Dream has upgraded its technology to get the perfect cup at home. A machine built with the highest quality materials (aluminum, stainless steel, brass), and minimum use of plastic. The Dream PID is the perfect set up for the home barista!

#6. Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica

When you see the trademark Elektra eagle spread its wings, you know good espresso is to be had! That is the guarantee of the Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica. The specs and features of this machine are nearly endless, with stats like automatic pressure and temperature regulators, a chivalric armor-plated heating element, extended steam wand, the list is virtually endless. To sum it all up this machine is superb. And what’s more is the exquisite design, as can be expected from the elegant and regal Elektra line. Choose from classic silver and vintage-looking bronze and copper machine.

#5. La Pavoni Professional

Do you like levers? Well, then we have the machine for you! La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine is right up your alley. And for folks who aren’t as familiar with a lever machine just like this great La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine, then have no fear, a demonstration video comes included with this spectacular and classic machine. And with orders of this machine, you will be treated to some choice gifts including a steaming pitcher, two espresso shot glasses, and a milk thermometer for preparing the ideal foam for cappuccino and other beverages. Now as for the color choices? A lovely mahogany wood handled model, a striking silver with black-handled model, a retro-style black-handled model, and the legendary vintage copper, bronze, and gold model.

#4. Elektra S1 Microcasa

When saying ciao to an Elektra there are two certainties to be sure of; a miraculous list of incredible specs and a dignified eagle spreading its wings atop the machine. Speaking of which, some of the key traits of the Elektra S1 Microcasa include an 800-watt heating element, internal pressure and temperature regulator, and a pressure relief valve, just to list some key characteristics for now, with a more extensive and impressive list within this machine’s high-class resume. The Elektra eagle soars above this great machine coming in three amazing color patterns; classic Chrome, Belle Epoque chrome and brass, and Vintage copper and brass.

#3. La Pavoni Europiccola

In the world of lever-controlled espresso shots, La Pavoni is king. And the Europiccola is no exception in the regal legacy that this line of machines carries. With the Europiccola, you can pull two shots at once, steam up some milk for a perfect cappuccino, and even keep your machine at its utmost optimal with its reset buttons and internal thermostat. Not to mention this is one truly handsome piece of machinery, starring that trademark lever. Long live La Pavoni! And long live only the best pulls of espresso for a long time with this dependable and durable machine.

#2. Vibiemme Domobar Junior

Prepare to feel like a real coffee technician when you take this beauty for a spin! The Vibiemme Domobar Junior Espresso Machine is a compact yet dynamic machine. Taking up a bit less space than some of the other machines on the market, the Vibiemme Domobar Junior doesn’t lack power or agility despite being a little bit smaller. And it’s comparatively mini size is perfect for home use, especially in apartments or in homes short on available counter space but still needing some more heavy-duty espresso preparation. Opt for the striking stainless steel model or the white and stainless steel for a brighter but no less impressive image!

#1. Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

We would like to introduce the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. Quality and quantity have found a synergizing medium in this amazing successor to the prior Oscar models. This machine is user friendly and features novel features like programmable time doses, push-pull steam system, and even a reverse mirror. In our tests of other home models, nothing came close to the perfect dry steam output the Oscar II provides. Effectively allowing you to steam milk to a cafe quality result. The facade of this machine is like looking into the future, modern, chic, sleek, and available in red or black. This espresso machine is a virtuoso of getting the day started. Bring the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II home today and experience truly resplendent espresso. The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is a true genius of coffee mastery. And looks good while doing it.

The best espresso machine for you


Expect only the best when you choose from one or more of these truly marvelous espresso machines. Built-in frothers and foamers, impressive heating components, handsome and elegant external facades, and most importantly amazing espresso every time. Bring home one of these legendary machines and make your home espresso experience spectacular. 

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