Best Holiday Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Best Holiday Gifts For Coffee Lovers

The holidays are coming and the deals on coffee machines and other coffee tools are looking better and better with each passing day. Needless to say, there isn’t a better time to buy a coffee machine than during the cold months. Coffee warms the soul and gives you a serotonin boost during the gloomy, chilly days of winter.

That’s why coffee lovers are specially happy during the winter. They get to drink all the hot coffee they want!

So, to make your Christmas even merrier, we bring you a short but practical list of some of the best gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Espresso Machines

The first thing on your mind should be an espresso machine. An upgrade is always nice. And if they don’t already have one, such a gift will earn you their lifetime gratitude and loyalty.

La Pavoni Europiccola

This is a very simple, ergonomic espresso machine with all the power and oomph of commercial espresso machines. Its beauty lies in its simplicity - and of course, in the high quality espresso it makes. An ideal gift for those who don’t really enjoy chunky, heavy machines in their kitchen.

A great gift for lovers of retro/vintage aesthetics.

Buona Mattina Single Automatic

As the antithesis to the Europiccola, we have this super-automatic espresso machine that is capable of preparing all the basic drinks (latte, cappuccino, etc.) with just one touch. It’s got a really modern look and you operate it via a slick-looking touch screen. All in all, it sort of feels like a coffee butler. It grinds coffee and froths milk? Say no more!

The ideal gift for lazy coffee lovers.


Maybe the person in question already has an espresso machine they’re happy with. Or maybe an espresso machine is not in your budget. In this case, a grinder is a great second option: having a good grinder not only makes any coffee you make taste better (because it’s freshly ground) but it also saves money. Nothing beats the satisfaction of buying whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself.

La Pavoni ZIP Junior

An excellent all-rounder, the ZIP Junior is able to pull off this unique design which takes much less space than other grinders on the same range. This makes it a good option for home use, while its capacity and power are on par with commercial coffee grinders. It can easily double as a grinder for a small coffee shop.

Perfect for aspiring baristas!

Macap M2M

With a similarly cool design to that of the ZIP Junior, the M2M is one of a kind. There are few grinders in this price range that can achieve such a consistent grind than the M2M, which is known to always hit the bullseye. Its strong suit is the espresso grind size, which is known to facilitate flawless extraction. You might want to check the product page, however, as there are some compatibility issues depending on what brand of espresso machine you own.

Best choice for owners of the Elektra Microcasa semi-automatic espresso machine.


If getting big big gifts such as coffee grinders or espresso machines isn’t really your kind of thing, that’s alright. There are still ways to make a coffee lover happy that don’t involve big, expensive machines. 

Barista Kits

A kit that contains all or at least some of the tools necessary to make good coffee at home. We have the Comiso Coffee Starter Kit, a great kit that includes a high-quality stainless steel pitcher, a couple of shot glasses for espresso, and a handy barista thermometer for measuring milk and water temperature. All this for under $40! It’s a simple gift but has valuable tools that are sure to be of use for years.

Next, we have a more complete kit: the Crema Pro Home Barista Kit. This kit features high quality tools either made of or featuring heat-proof rubber for avoiding burns. It has basic tools, such as the tamper, knock bin, milk pitcher and thermometer as well as more advanced tools such as cocoa shaker, group head brush and a barista cloth.


Tampers are vital tools. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wear and tear involved. And, since they are quite small, it’s easy to lose sight of them. A good quality tamper can up your coffee game as well as give you a reason not to lose sight of your tamper ever again.

There are endless options, but we strongly recommend either the Crema Pro, which has a unique handle, or the Motta Easy Tamper, which has a more minimal but very practical design.

No matter which of the items on this list you choose, the important thing is the gesture. Any coffee lover would love to get something coffee-related! 

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